7th Annual Walk for INDEPENDENCE

Me and Alvin
Me and Alvin

Alvin's Allies

Dear Family and Friends:

Bob, Alvin, and I are again walking to raise funds for the Carroll Center for the Blind (CCB) during their Walk for Independence on April 28, 2019. The CCB is one of the nation’s oldest centers training those with vision loss how to live and work as independently as possible. Established in the 1930s, it has a rich history of pioneering initiatives and programs for the blind and visually impaired. The CCB has garnered the top ratings possible from the independent charity rating services, Charity Navigator and Guide Star.


The CCB serves 5,000 children and adults annually with a multitude of programs, including intensive residential vocational rehabilitation programs designed to enable clients to either retain or find work. Personally, I owe many of the skills I use every day to the training I received (and continue to receive) from the CCB. I am now totally reliant on screen reader programs for the computer and iPhone, skills developed with the technology staff at the CCB. My ability to navigate the world with Alvin fundamentally started with the intensive cane training I received from CCB staff. Strategies to manage everyday tasks in my home were learned through the vocational rehabilitation program that I attended in 2013. And my interest in wood working may indeed blossom into regular wood working activities with the confidence I gained in the CCB wood working shop.


Many clients attend the CCB programs with government funding, but such funding only covers about 70 percent of the CCB costs to administer the programs. Thus, CCB relies on donations from generous donors as well as grants to cover the remaining costs.


It is difficult to cope with vision loss which is why organizations like CCB are so important in giving us the skills to cope as well as the physical and emotional support to believe in ourselves and achieve what we most want to achieve in our lives.


Please consider supporting Alvin’s Allies and the CCB. Alvin now looks forward to every trip to the CCB, rushing inside and dashing to the office of his favorite staff (and some other guide dogs!). I am sure he would appreciate your support too.


Thank you so much, Martha, Bob, and Alvin


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