5K and Walk for INDEPENDENCE

Team Schwartz


I've had the privilege of working with The Carroll Center for the Blind over the past four years as a Board Member. During this time I have been able to meet some extraordinary individuals of all ages and stages of vision loss.  

This year has been especially challenging in the face of the worldwide pandemic and economic downturn for all of us, but especially the visually impaired. Individuals adjusting to and managing their vision loss come to the Carroll Center for the Blind to learn important skills such as cooking, managing medications, transportation, learning orientation and mobility, as well as technology skills to allow them the ability to work. The Carroll Center also serves students in their schools and homes, and seniors in their own communities.  

This year, I am participating in The Carroll Center for the Blind’s 5K and Walk for INDEPENDENCE. 

Please join me in supporting The Carroll Center for the Blind’s mission:

"To empower those who are blind and visually impaired to achieve independence and lead a fulfilling life"

As an organization that serves ALL ages and ALL stages of vision loss, The Carroll Center helps anyone from children who were born with blindness or a vision impairment to those who have lost their vision as they age. In the coming years, the number of people struggling with vision loss is expected to DOUBLE, and I am raising money to ensure as many blind and visually impaired people as possible can receive the services they need.

Please join me to help raise funds and transform lives. Thank you!


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