5K and Walk for INDEPENDENCE

Group photo of the Worker Bees team
Group photo of the Worker Bees team

Worker Bees

I had normal vision until the age 45 when on January 1, 2006, I had to be hospitalized. One month later I was released with low vision and two months after I was totally blind. So, my sight was gone as well my job.

Since then, to accomplish my goal and get my self-confidence back, I counted on the support of many people, such as my husband, family and friends, the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind, my school, and The Carroll Center for the Blind.

During my stay at the Carroll Center I had to face many challenges such as: learning how to walk with a white cane and using a computer without a mouse. However the biggest challenge was to find a job. Even with a lengthy work history, I could not find anyone willing to give me an opportunity. Once again the Carroll Center played a big role in my life, helping me to get the great job that I have today. For those reasons I’m very grateful for all the support that I received from the Carroll Center; and I would like others to have this same opportunity. I would really appreciate it if you help me to help other blind people have a more independent and therefore better life.

Thank you very much!
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