Got questions? We've got answers!

 How does a virtual event work?

The 5K and Walk for INDEPENDENCE is a virtual event this year, which means that we will not be walking our typical route in Newton, MA, but we will be able to #WalkTogether in support of our mission. The registration process is the same, so join us today! Create or join a team, register to walk as an individual, or make a general donation – however you choose to participate you are making an impact!

What is the Blindfold Challenge?

The Blindfold Challenge aims to bring awareness about the impact vision loss can have on an individual as well as insight as to how crucial the services offered by The Carroll Center for the Blind are to those in need. By joining this challenge, you will test your skills, open your mind, and sharpen your senses while experiencing running in an unique way--without relying on your eye sight. Blindfold Challenge participants will run in teams of two: one member will wear a blindfold and the other will guide. Participate in something unique that takes you out of your comfort zone and helps you understand why losing vision should not limit anyone’s world.

What can I expect as a “Guide” for the Blindfold Challenge?

Your role is to share in the responsibility of your partner's safety, by thoughtfully converting what you’re seeing into timely verbal instructions for your nonvisual teammate. 


Is there a registration fee?

We have waived the registration fee for walkers but do encourage you to make a donation, fundraise for your team, and encourage others to join you in the efforts to change lives.

If you would like to participate in the 5K or the Blindfold Challenge, the registration fee is $40.00.


Where will the 5K and Walk for INDEPENDENCE be held?

This year, the walk route is wherever you choose. The unique aspect of a virtual walk is that you can participate from anywhere in the world! There are no barriers to where you can participate from so join us from wherever you are and help make a difference!


I am not from Massachusetts, can I still participate?

Yes! This year the Walk for INDEPENDENCE will be virtual event so there are no geographical boundaries to participate. We encourage individuals from all over the world to join us and help raise much needed funds for those affected by vision loss and blindness.

How can I participate?

With a virtual event, you’ll be able to pick your own route, walk at your own pace, and determine what time you start and how much you want to fundraise -- all in support of our critical mission. Throughout the month of April, we encourage you to get outside for some fresh air by planning your own personal walk or run. You can walk the 1 or 3 miles you had originally planned or challenge yourself and your team to walk further.  Walk or run by yourself or with friends and family, together we can make a difference and provide crucial services to those who are blind or visually impaired. To celebrate, we will hold a virtual Zoom call on Sunday, April 25th so stay tuned for more details!

Do I have to walk or can I run or bike?

You can walk, run, or bike - even jog in place! However you participate, you are making a difference for so many in need.


How many miles am I required to do?

You can walk or run as little or as much as you want, the goal is to raise awareness and funds for The Carroll Center for the Blind.


Is there a fundraising minimun?

There is a $500.00 fundraising minimun to participate in the 5K and the Blindfold Challenge, but there is no minimun for virtual a walkers. 


How will the funds be used?

All of the money raised will go directly towards helping people who are blind and visually impaired be more active and independent. Your gift will help: 

  • Blind children learn to navigate their school using a white cane, read braille books, complete homework using the latest assistive technology, and attend summer camp with blind friends.

  • Blind adults learn to shop and cook for their family, travel on public transportation, and use assistive technology to return to work.

  • Blind senior citizens learn to safely cook a meal, use the computer to pay bills or email with family, and feel comfortable going shopping or out to eat with friends without falling.


How can I help?

Register, share it on social media, donate -- any way that you choose to participate helps so many!

Why does it matter?

Vision loss and the adjustment to it does not pause in times of uncertainty, so neither will The Carroll Center for the Blind! These unprecedented times call for unprecedented support and kindness.